“I thank God for Daybreak and the amazing counselors that are committed to our children.”

Past Client Letters, Comments, and Thank You’s

Hear from our past clients about their time with Daybreak Treatment Center:

This letter is for the broken hearted parent who now questions every word they say or every move they make. Am I doing the right thing for my child? Is this next step just like all of the other programs who promised that they could help me, but either the issues continued or got worse? Please allow these words to speak to your heart and not your head. Your head says forget it, but your heart holds on. Your head says your child will never get better, but your heart holds out hope for the long awaited miracle. Your head says here we are at Daybreak sitting through yet another orientation. Full of, if Im honest in that moment, self doubt. But here we are.

She is so beautiful. Im speaking of my stepdaughter. Oh how I remember her innocence and her laughter. The day I met Susie Gregory for the first time, my husband and I sat in her office. I cannot speak for my husband, and Im sure he did, but in that moment, I was convinced that no one desired a healing for my beautiful stepdaughter more than me. I remember glancing at my baby girl. She wasn t a baby any more. The auras of sadness and anger that surrounded her being was almost too much to bear. As I sat and listened to Susie, I prayed for deliverance for my daughter. She is not my flesh and blood, but she is my heart.

No one ever wants to come, but none of them want to leave.   That s what Susie told us about Daybreak. Honestly, those first three weeks were disheartening at best. But on the first day of the third week something happened. Our daughter comprehended the light and not the darkness. When we picked her up that afternoon, she was smiling. Get this! She said that she had a nice day. And with each day afterwards, she opened up more and more.

Prior to Daybreak, my daughter was the stranger in the house. She stayed in her room and snapped  out answers to questions. That all began to change. As she practiced her coping skills, real conversations began to take place. She came out of her room. She suggested that we all have movie night on more than one occasion. And yes, she began to smile and laugh. Her laughter was foreign because it had been so long ago since its sound had fallen upon my ears. She struggled when she communicated, but she was trying. And today, I received a call from her high school. She is holding A s in ALL of her classes.

I’ve written this letter to give other parents something that they need right now, HOPE. It is my hope that Susie shares this letter with you. On and the last few days of her treatment, our daughter worked tirelessly trying to convince us that she was NOT ready to leave. She wanted to stay. Yes, just like Susie says,   No one ever wants to come, but none of them want to leave.  I thank God for Daybreak and the amazing counselors that are committed to our children.

Best wishes and may God bless each family that is represented in the program.

From a Recent Patient

“Hey Susie, It’s (NAME) from Daybreak, I discharged back in March. Just wanted to say thank you for everything you’ve done for my life. You took me in when I needed it the most. Y’all dealt with me at my lowest point in my life and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. I’m practicing skills every day and I still study DBT all the time. Thank you for giving me these, what I call psychological superpowers, that I could never forget!”