Selected Articles


A Listing of Selected Articles

(copies available upon request)

Del Conte, G.S., Lenz, A. S., & Hollenbaugh, M. H. (2016). A pilot evaluation of dialectical behavior therapy for adolescents within a partial hospitalization treatment milieu. Journal of Child and Adolescent Counseling, 2, 16-32.

Del Conte, G.S., Applying DBT-A in a Partial Hospital Setting: The Dialectical Milieu, in Hollenbaugh, K.M., ed., Dialectical Behavior Therapy with Adolescents across Settings, Treatments, and Diagnoses, Rutledge Press, New York (in production).

Del Conte, G.S., Olsen, E., & Fitzgerald, L., (2016) DBT in Motion, Trainers Manual of DBT-A Skills for Milieu Settings, unpublished manuscript.

Kamody, R. C., & Del Conte, G. S. (in preparation) Importance of the therapeutic milieu and accurate case conceptualization when targeting school avoidance in adolescence: Dual case studies utilizing a dialectical behavior therapy approach.

Kamody, R. C., and Del Conte, G.S., (2017) Using dialectical behavior therapy to treat misophonia in adolescence. Accepted for publication to The Primary Care Companion for CNS Disorders.

Lenz, A. S., Del Conte, G.S., Hollenbaugh, M., & Callendar, K. (2016). Emotional regulation and interpersonal effectiveness as predictors of treatment outcomes within a DBT treatment program for adolescents. Counseling Outcome and Research Evaluation, 7, 73-85.

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